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     This, my first book is my life’s work. It’s 256 pages in 8 by 10 paper back, and includes 54 images. This digital format is over 300 Kindle turnover pages.

     In this book, I wrote about playing ping-pong, work troubles, and the people and animals I have met. I wrote about the loss of my loved ones, my dreams and despairs. I wrote about what heals me, sets me free and gives me bliss. Yet, I kept all my writing to its essence – without long boring stories. But most importantly, I wrote about my beloved teachers.

     POEMS OF INQUIRY: Most of my writing had to be reduced to a minimum because people didn’t have the time to read long stories, therefore didn’t have any feedback. Thus the stories evolved into poems. The poetry bypasses the story.

     CHIRPS OF ANGEL, A PIGEON AND I: There was a pigeon whom would spend her entire day on my left shoulder, close to the heart. I named her “Angel” because my Grandmother used to tell me that we always have an angel on our left shoulder. I ask, and she responds.

     LETTERS TO YOU, WITH LOVE: There are moments when I can’t contain my emotions when they transform into an intimate latter, like to a best-friend. That is you, the reader… my best friend.

     ESSAY OF A CHILD: This chapter is how I used to perceive life before my denials began as an adult.

     QUOTES TO LIVE BY: It helps to remember some simple words and phrases in our daily lives to guide us through our troubles. There is also an introduction to my beloved teachers, whose books I read and watched videos for over ten years.

     THE EVOLUTION OF THE BOOK: The first thing I did after writing something was to share it with everyone, including total strangers as well as friends, families, baristas, business owners, farmers, teachers, people with limited English and friends on the streets. One time I gave a copy to three police officers in a coffee shop and to an officer who had pulled me over for parking after hours at the river park. My cat was still out.

     One day I received an e-mail from a lady who said she had found my poem flying in the wind and she said that it was the perfect timing as if it were a divine sign from the gods.

     I sent copies of my writing to the Author/Shaman Ms. Andrews, asking for her feedback. She was extremely kind and encouraging. Here is one her comments:

     “Dear Metin. Thank you for your letter and for sharing your writing with me. You have so many insights on Love And Healing. Angel, a special messenger sent to you by the Great Spirit, how wonderful that you had time together. The Great Spirit send us all that we might listen to hear the Messages. Listen to the stillness that is when the Great Spirit speaks Just to you. Why? because you are the Light of His eyes, the Apple of His eyes.” In forgiving yourself, you have stopped denying the Creator, You Are His, Love. namaste.” –


     I then e-mailed my writing to everyone whose addresses I had been collecting over the years, including international travelers, asking for more feedback. There was a lady and her cat I took care of for living, who turned out to be a professional proof-reader.

      As a result, this book is an evolution of everyone, including the plants and animals who have guided me well.

     During the process of reformatting my book for e-book and print on demand publishing, my eyes glanced over some of the writing. I cried again. I can say that the tears that stain these pages are the watermarks of all the beings and spirits who have touched me so deeply, and we wish that they shine into your hearts as well.

     Thank you for sharing and helping me to pass on the message of my teachers.

     With the sales of my book, I have pledged that I will keep on serving the source where such writings arise. (I also like to visit my Grandmother in Turkiye whom I hadn’t seen in 17 years.)




     Love and Gratitude




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All material is copyrighted

       © Metin Eastnbull


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  1. I was waiting for my bus look across the street and saw the sign for chirps of an Angel and it intrigued me so I looked it up and this is amazing what you’ve done so I want to let you know that I will be there and that you’re advertising does work

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