I wake up heavy this morning

to a day uncertain

problems and desires

and some pain


I awake to having nothing

being nobody

somewhat old

and a little lonely


It’s 52 degrees in the room

although I’m kept fairly warm

where I lay flat

by a black cat

* * *

I feed seagulls on my way to coffee

some crows among them

then a couple of pigeon

lined up before my vision


They groom and rest

but some will fly up far

and dive back to where I stand

like a shooting star

* * *

I hand out things as I drive on

hats gloves windbreakers

and a felt tip marker pen

to write their cardboard signs


Hand sanitizer is a new gift

because people say they’re dirty

thus I can shake their hands now

for they’re an other me


I noticed they talk to themselves

but don’t we all

so next I’ll give out blue-tooth

to make them look good


They appreciate the gifts I give

and the preach for who’s to blame

but what makes them happy the most

is when I yell out their name

* * *

I enter quietly into the coffee shop

walk slowly thinking

yet intense and aware

as if following a calling


A barista throws a beetle outside

she says they’re an infestation

as I ask her to look within

at what’s deep inside


She comes to a still like a rock

fly in her eyes million spark

unaware of her shivering lips

and the blows of my heart


I get goose bumps at her presence

understand attraction since

she doesn’t want to say good by

and neither do I

* * *

At work three sisters knock on the door

they say follow Jesus and God

but I ask what they follow

and if it isn’t love


They say he’s the only true messenger

yet I must bow to all teachers

for I’ve seen joy and beauty

in all creatures

* * *

After work I stop at a tool store

a man I see almost lost

asks my opinion what

to buy but not in trust


I ask do you really need it

he says not too bad

pointing out to my hand

if what I had


One I say is a snow shovel

other a rain poncho

to help the ones on the road

and to say hello


He seems to know where he’s going

the pale man now looks vivid

as everyone watches

he does what I did

* * *

Later I meet people of all kind

when playing ping pong

my cleaner gets stolen

but I may be wrong


I’m angry at first

then I calm down

where I envision a gift

held by everyone


There is a package not too thick

wrapped in wizards with magic stick

inside a bottle with sponge tip

on it says paddle cleaner


So I’ll work harder I say

to buy more for friends

though some call me crazy

as if I’m in a trance

* * *

I  come home late again

52 degrees in bed

and the frig is empty

except some bird bread


Sleep doesn’t come too easily

but hoping I’ll dream of that

as I curl up in the purr

of a black cat

* * *

You know how I live now

not much more I should say

except to wish you a happy new year

like in a child’s pray


I wish not to slice time in chunks

otherwise now is never near

‘cause when you go back a year

each day is a new year


I know life is hard

but please don’t worry

for self remains untouched

and you’ll know when ready

* * *

This poem is written

in memory of Sri Poonja

and his teacher called

Maharshi Ramana


The message is to see beauty

within all feelings

then there’s Love and Peace

among all beings





I’ve been up day and night

to understand what life is about

and I’ve been sharing it with you

from the bottom of my heart


Through time appear

those who want to help you

and the ones speak of love

when there’s fame and money


Yet we must forgive all

for they know not what they do

‘cause what remains at the end

is pure peace and beauty


Tomorrow may be too late

for friends lovers or mom

thus we must cherish the living

as already gone


White swan goose



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