First I parked my car and got out

with a clipboard in my hand

where I looked like a street police

taking notes in service to that


I walk the streets in cold rain

meet people from everywhere

listen to their stories

in the middle of nowhere

* * *

Julie asked for socks and size eight shoes

but the right one is bigger than the other

from congestive heart failure

and because of retaining water


“God bless you” she said afterwards

“you too” I replied “god bless”

“but god blessed me with you” she said

as if this was a play of poets

* * *

Tom was drafted to war

ended up killing 20 generals

than became a karate champion

in United States Olympics


He  was hardly able to hold his sign

his body swollen from diabetes

whom I took home for a hot shower

and washed with my own hands


I’ve never seen a man pray like that

I disappeared in the moment of such power

then when I came back to my self

I greeted him with great honor

* * *

Some say they’re Vietnam veterans

seen their buddies blowing apart

and now under a rusty bridge

can’t stop repeating “what was it all about?”


Some were native Americans

driven to the streets with whisky in their hand

staggering like lost souls in the dark

and not sure who’s their friend


Some were beautiful blossoming women

made some mistakes in young hood

now an old maid with red rouge

on the streets of Hollywood


Some were children who were used

didn’t have much hug and kiss

by adults who were only trying

to find their own peace

* * *

At lunch I see a musician at park

in his hand a broken thing

his voice begins to get shaky

‘cause he’s about to ask for money


“Here’s five bucks I say” before he does

the old man suddenly looks young

“I’ll think of you” he says later

when playing his favorite song


“Good luck” I wish him as we part

probably will never see him again

yet I’m left with these funny feelings

like the vibration of his new guitar strings

* * *

Kelsey is a lady with big green eyes

to whom I gave many things

but my favorite blanket and poncho

vent to her dog named Phillips


At first there’s the pain

in letting go of what’s mine

then I’m magically transformed

back to where I’ve begun

* * *

Later I meet a man in transition

he likes what I wear on my chest and feet

so I begin to undress myself

on the corner of a busy street


Yet I’m not cold although naked

for there’s a fire within

and it feels like being shocked

as if thunder is touching my skin


We see that it doesn’t matter

what happened or still to come

all it takes is to see the bliss

in the now where life lives

* * *

At any stage I realize

there’s a child always present

and that’s what we shall look for

not what seems to be apparent


I can’t judge for I haven’t walk in their shoes

all my stories must come to a stop

to recognize what’s present

and closer than any thought


Some say life is like a play

with laughter tears and plots

and the audience is silent

as if being watched by mighty gods


7.Kelly and Alex


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