As I mature and become a little more aware of our true nature, with the help of our teachers, my sadness deepens for the ones who are in struggle with it, like I was. Thus I helplessly witness our conditioned suffering inflicted on everyone, as it was upon me. Yet, everyone is innocent for what they do not know; and what we don’t know is that life is like a mindless bliss, like a kiss. In recognition of that, there’s equal beauty and abundance for all of us. Then there’s joy, there’s excitement, and there’s peace.

The good news is that there’s a forever-child in you, remaining aware, and untouched by any conditioning. In surrendering to this child we stop denying it. We welcome ourselves to ourselves. We surrender to love without reasons. And at times we realize that the mystery of life is hidden in the shattered pieces of our hearts. And we welcome that as well.

Our teachers cannot change us, but they can point out the changeless within us. We all possess the awareness of our true nature. And that’s what gives rise to our bodies.

The intention of my writing is to empower you, and in a way to say that, “You already are everything you want to be. Nothing needs to be added, or taken away.” Take a deep breath. What happens next is a magical mystery. I wish you a good journey.

With love, respect, and gratitude.



 PS: I would like to apologize for my mistakes in this book. I tried to maintain a balance between gentleness and sincerity, complexity and simplicity, but I’m not perfect. And this is my first book.

 Perhaps you can help me further with your comments and suggestions, towards the evolution of the next book. They are important.





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